H2O – Use Your Voice

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H2O – Use Your Voice (Bridge Nine)
With \’Nothing To Prove\’, from 2008, H2O showed the world they, indeed, had nothing to prove. It was the best album by the melodic hardcore band for a long time, and the first one after a seven year recording ­hiatus. It\’s been seven years again since we got to hear a new set of original H2O anthems. As always the band has been out on numerous and endless tours, and we got a nice little present called \’Don\’t Forget Your Roots\’ with all punk / hardcore covers back in 2011. The best thing about \’Use Your Voice\’ is the relentless energy and positivity is still very much present. Through the great upbeat hardcore the most important things in life, friends, family, unity and commitment to the cause, are once again delivered right to your front door. H2O is however not the band you should enjoy in the comfort of your own living room, but at a venue, wherever on this planet. \’Use Your Voice\’ works really well and is in a similar vein to \’Nothing To Prove\’, but with a slightly harder­ edge. Buy it, get familiar with the songs, and get out, preferably with your best friends, for a good time. That is what H2O does… all the time! Martijn Welzen

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