GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail – Matt Miner, Matt Maguire, Liana Kangas, Katie Longua, Matt Harding, Clay Henns, Jeff Martin, Lukasz Kowalczuk, Matt Young, Taylor Esposito & Josh Jensen (Renegade Arts Entertainment)

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There was life before GWAR. It was stale, staid and more boring than a mid-nineteen eighties Sunday evening television line-up, and if it hadn’t been for comics, punk rock and Dungeons & Dragons I’d probably have suffocated in the endless miasma of daily tedium. Then sometime around 1990 (I was a little late to the party, I know) the Scumdogs arrived to make everything better, and during the next three decades I went from being a kid who got covered in intergalactic jism the first time Oderus and company played London on the ‘America Must Be Destroyed’ tour to somehow interviewing Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie every time the band hit the UK following the dawn of the new millennium. GWAR were, are and always will be a huge part of my life, so when their latest foray into the four colour universe, The Enormogantic Fail, arrived, I descended on it faster than a Deathpod falls from the sky.

The Enormogantic Fail is the story of how GWAR, then the Third Scumdog Legion, were exiled to Earth following a catastrophic military disaster which, it turns out, was entirely their fault. More interested in pursuing their vices than doing their duty, the “heroic” warriors fell victim to their wanton and base desires and their overindulgence in said proclivities resulted in the destruction of an innocent world. Even by GWAR’s standards, smashing the wrong planet to atoms on a mission is a pretty big deal, one that results in them not only facing a court of interstellar justice, but paying the ultimate price for their sins. Having to spend the rest of eternity trapped on the same backwards planet as the human filth.

Told in a series of flashbacks as each member of GWAR is cross examined by the prosecution, The Enormogantic Fail is a wonderfully depraved, gore soaked, drug and alcohol addled journey into the darkest chapter of the Scumdog’s history.  The two Matt’s*, Miner and Maguire, have crafted a high velocity, rapid fire story that captures everything that GWAR are and aided by their sickeningly talented artistic team, bring the band and their woeful tale of degenerate perversion and destruction to splattertastic and brutally violent life.

While I was reading The Enormogantic Fail , there was one over-riding thought that kept springing to the forefront of my mind, a perpetually nagging itch that wouldn’t go away and kept jostling for pole position. All I could think as I smiled, laughed and cackled out loud while this tale of glorious mayhem wormed its way into my imagination was “Dave would have loved this”.  Even though he isn’t here to see it, wherever he is in the cosmos, Oderus is looking down and smiling, content to know that the GWAR story is not only in good hands, but is being told with the kind of rabid devotion, energy, enthusiasm and passion that fills every panel and page of The Enormogantic Fail.  Yeah, Dave would have loved this. And so will you… Tim Cundle

*There’s actually a disturbing number of Matt’s involved with the creation of this book. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it involves all of the Matt’s, which is not only creepy and spooky, it’s downright ooky. But that’s GWAR for you…

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