Deez Nuts – You Got Me…(Century Media)

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Back in the mists of time, my old games teacher used to tell me that there was an easy way and a hard way to do things and that if I’d just listen to him and maybe do as I was told, the time we were forced to spend together would be a lot more “enjoyable”. It was a valuable lesson and right up until the very last moment we were in each other’s company, when he punched me in the face and dislocated my jaw, I absolutely refused to heed a single word he said, acquiesce to his ridiculous ideas or show a single moments interest in anything that he tried to peddle.

 I hated that prick and everything that his intimidating, bullying authoritarian philosophy represented, but he did teach me two things. He taught me that if there’s an easy way and a hard way to do something, that I’ll always, without fail, choose the hard way and that I’ll always be able to recognise those souls who, like me, don’t believe in following the well-travelled path and would rather forge ahead and walk their own road regardless of the cost. Deez Nuts are kindred spirits on life’s journey, and like yours truly, believe that there’s only one way to do anything; the hard way. And after listening to You Got Me Fucked Me Up I’m convinced that if you asked them why they’d chosen to pursue that particular avenue through life, they probably offer up the same answer that I would. Because fuck you, that’s why.

Deez Nuts don’t mess about, they don’t waste time, they just get straight down to doing what they do, which is pummelling their audience with precise, focused brutal energy and aggression that manifests itself as a musical combination of Downset, The Wildhearts and Madball. I know, it sounds crazy and on paper it shouldn’t work, but in the real world it does. In the real world, it works incredibly well and the end result is akin to being trapped in a fiendishly well-equipped dungeon with a dominatrix who has plenty of time to spare and a whole litany of filthy fantasies to enact. That is, it’s wonderfully, and oddly, pleasurable, exciting and ever so slightly addictive. You Got Me Fucked Up is all kinds of fucked up fun…  Tim Cundle

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