Guiding – Will/ Anger 10″ (Chopstick Records)

Blink and you’ll miss it… these fellas crank the tunes out fast! This release packs two EPs from Japanese hardcore band Guiding nicely into the grooves of a 10″ record. This is a real discovery as they melt together a couple of my favourite styles into one intense sound.

Let’s start with a big dose of Youth Of Today’s We’re Not In This Alone – hard youth crew that threatens to twist out of control at every turn. Guiding capture that sound perfectly – pulling everything back into place before it feels like it is going to unravel – tight and powerful.

Throw in the occasional guitar harmony that pops out of nowhere and top it with some of that unhinged Japanese hardcore vocal style and you have a potent mix of original style American youth crew meeting classic Japanese hardcore. Amazing. Tom Chapman

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