Green Druid – Ashen Blood (Earache)

I have to admit that I was barely aware of stoner rock until the surge in its popularity, mainly in the underground, was forced into my inbox via promo releases. Since then I have reveled in this outpouring of the great music that falls into this genre. While there are many, many great bands out there, right now I must tell you about the new release from Green Druid, Ashen Blood. Filled with tasty slabs of groovy, psychedelic riffage and moving in the way that only great music can be, this album has cemented my love for yet another group of talented musicians. While these songs are more instrumental than I usually prefer, they tell a story much in the way of Peter and the Wolf. While they may not be singing, growling, yelling or speaking as much as you or I may expect, you know you’re on an adventure of epic proportions and only by seeing it through will you reach the catharsis you seek. Another wonderful aspect of this album: depending on my mood it either pumps me up or chills me out…brilliant. Don’t let the short track list fool you, these jams are full-length amazing. Jim Dodge

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