Gosling Jelly – Aliens Stole My Piss (Jelly Jam Records)

Eight tracks of eclectic weirdness from the depths of the Welsh Valleys. The first 3 tracks (The Discovery, Strange Lights and The Extraction) constitute a concept of sorts centering around an alien plot to harvest the ureic output of the human race in order to use it as fuel. Musically this trio of tracks skips genres in the style of Zappa but with a prog rather than classical base, with shades of Gabriel era Genesis/Steve Hillage’s more dance oriented stuff.

Only You continues the proggy trip with a slightly spikier vibe. The heaviest track on ASMY – Radar also incorporates a few elements of DnB and a slight King Crimson feel on parts – unfortunately the repeated rephrase of ‘Are you one of us or are you the enemy?’ leaves a rather nasty, divisive taste in the mouth especially when coupled with the lyrics of the next song the punky Penny In The Pound which runs like an internet trope inspired rant against the ‘global elite’ (this elite being ‘the left’ obviously, despite the left having very little power in the past 20 years). 

Cherries and Peaches is the weakest track to my ear, a rather unadventurous track that doesn’t seem to go anywhere. Thankfully it’s a return to the more heavy/proggy stuff on closer The Joys of Drowning. If you’re a fan of 70s Prog and comfortable disconnecting the lyrics from the music (or a QAnon follower) this is for you. Whether or not Gosling Jelly are actually the ones Taking The Piss remains, as Scully’s reports in the X Files often concluded – unexplained. Ian Pickens

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