Godzilla: Dominon – Greg Keyes, Drew Edward Johnson & Allen Passalqua (Legendary)


As we witnessed in the 2019 epic Godzilla: King Of The Monsters, everybody’s favourite kaiju – after seeing off the likes of Mothra, Rodan and King Ghidora, is now firmly established at the top of the food chain. That’s exactly where we find ourselves as we open Godzilla: Dominion, the official prequel to the Godzilla vs Kong epic. As with any king, there is always a pretender to the throne and Dominion throws up a new set of threats, both to humanity and Godzilla itself and there’s also a new big bad who’s very interested in dethroning our leader.

This is very much a character study of the king of monsters, as this time out, a lot of the action takes place in Godzilla’s territory, as opposed to seeing it stomp a city to shreds and indeed this is something which has very rarely played out on the big screen. Fans of the genre will be excited to see that we’ve been treated to a bit of back story showcasing these ancient feuds as well as little titbits of information for the ultra-fan to soak up. But rest assured newer fans, this book can be jumped headlong into, with no prior knowledge just as easily.

As you can imagine there is very little in the way of dialogue, unless you speak Titan, so the book pushes along in a narrative style from writer Greg Keyes, but with Drew Edward Johnson’s fantastic artwork, words aren’t needed. As we are swept from Godzilla’s ancestral home to his modern dwelling via Florida, the artwork is very defined, with each panel crafted in mind blowing detail.

Godzilla: Dominion is much more than just a stop gap in between movies. It’s great tale in itself offering up more insight into the inner workings of the king of monsters and should be considered an equal to it’s movie counterparts…. Chris Andrews

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