Goblins 3- Failing Apart – Roulot & Martinage (Sloth Comics)


I’ve only read a handful comics where each story is page long and is a contained story like newspaper strips. But I\’m glad I read the Goblins series. You don\’t need to read the first two Goblins graphic novels to enjoy the third but there are some great stories and crossovers in the earlier books. My favourite probably being the longer story where the Goblins go to limbo/hell and meet Kenny from South Park.

Now onto Goblins 3- Failing Apart. My favourite character Goblin Hood (a rubbish Robin Hood) has multiple stories devoted to him but he still keeps failing. In the past books he\’s constantly outsmarted by a merchant but here he fails in new ways. For instance, he unwittingly becomes a successful food vendor then he\’s robbed by a rabbit called Bonny Enclyde. This is typical of the stories as surprising situations and unusual endings are the biggest strength of the book.

Its very rare I can predict what is going to go wrong with the Goblins exactly, the magnet story being one noticeable exception. And whilst multiple stories focus on Goblins getting ready for battle, they\’re still a variety of scenarios like the Chief asking Engineer or Shaman for help or Goblins trying to impress bigger bad guys to keep it fresh.

Despite most stories only being a page long, there is plenty of characterisation. Which is important because most stories don’t end well for the Goblins, so you need a reason to keep supporting them. Take the Shaman Goblin for instance he\’s knows the Goblins are struggling and can\’t do anything about it. In fact, in several stories he even admits how useless he is.

As well as acting different, the characters all look different whether it\’s wearing a wizard costume or a cheetah style unitard. The cartoonish look of the characters, complete with the colours and expressive faces all help provide an amusing read.

Overall, I\’m glad I gave Goblins a try even though I\’ve not read many newspaper strip style comics before. Like the first two books, Goblins 3 is an amusing, zany, surprising romp with unique characters. David Jenkins

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