Go with the odds or with your guts when playing in a casino?


Paying close attention to your intuition is an important part of life. Many of us try to ignore what our heart or gut is telling us, and would prefer to think about things in a more logical way. However, this ‘gut feeling’ is something left over from when we had to hunt for our food and lived in much more dangerous times, and it is much like an animal’s instinct for danger. So if you can tap into it, it can actually serve you well. 

But does this work when it comes to casinos? Can you really trust your gut in this kind of situation, or should you be thinking of the odds and a more logical approach at Cozino? Read on to find out what is best. 

The Odds

It would seem to make most sense to make any decisions regarding your gambling in a casino connected to the odds of the game you want to play. These odds are there for you to make this choice, after all – they are there to make the games fair and to give you an insight into how easy or otherwise it would be to at least win your stake back, and ideally make a profit. The higher the odds, the lower the chance of winning. However, if you do win, you’ll win more. Lower odds mean it’s more likely you’ll win, but you’ll win a smaller amount too. 

Knowing this in advance means you can take the risk involved in any particular game into consideration, and make a decision based on this. For the risk averse, or those with a smaller budget, games with lower odds make more sense, but for those who like to take more of a risk or have a lot of money they can afford to potentially lose, higher odds could work better. It’s your choice, and having the right information to hand offers you the chance of making the decision for yourself. 

The Gut

Then there is the gut. You will have experienced it at various points in your life. You’ll know when something feels right or feels wrong, even if there is no logical explanation for it. You can either go with your gut or go against it, but if you think back on all the times you have gone against your gut in the past, how did it work out? Was the decision the right one, or should you have listened to what your instinct was telling you? This is important to note, as it will tell you how well refined your gut feeling really is. Some people’s are more honed than other, and therefore they get it right more of the time. Which type of person are you? 

If you are considering dismissing the gut instinct entirely out of hand, you might want to think again. Scientists have studied this strange phenomena and discovered that it really does exist as a kind of internal warning signal. Your body and mind are trying to keep you safe, so it can be worth listening to. 

Yet when it comes to gambling, it can be hard to trust a gut feeling, particularly if the odds are telling you something different. This is where you need to decide which path is the right one for you and this, ironically, is going to be a combination of gut and logic.

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