Ginge Knievil’s Top 10s of 2018

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1. The Speedways – Just Another Regular Summer (Gods Candy Records)

“Restart the Cortina engine, keep the windows down, rewind the cassette back to the start and drive off into the hazy evening sun with more thoughts of what might’ve been… album of the year…”

2. Jon Spencer – Spencer Sings The Hits (In The Red Records)

“…infectiously fucked-up and on par with anything the man has committed to tape before.”

3. Monster Magnet – Mindfucker (Napalm Records)

“I love proto punk and I love Monster Magnet… Mindfucker is a perfect blend for my addled brain.”

4. Hank Von Hell – Egomania (Century Music)

“He’s right; it is time. Time for some rock ‘n’ roll that’s big, dumb and full of cum.”

5. Rich Ragany and the Digressions – Like We’ll Never Make It (Pledge Music / Glunk Records)

“This is the life affirming gospel according to Rags. Buy it.”

6. Hot Snakes – Jericho Sirens (Sub Pop)

“It’s only March and we already have an album of the year contender. Simply awesome.”

7. Zeke – Hellbender (Relapse)

“It looks like Zeke, it sounds like Zeke and it smells like Zeke. It must be motherfuckin’ Zeke!”

8. The Good, the Bad and the Zugly – Misanthropical House (Fysisk Format)

“The band of unruly reprobates are back. Boy, are they back… Scandi Rock at its finest.”

9. Last Great Dreamers – 13th Floor Renegades (Ray Records)

“…the cheeky chaps are doing things on their own terms and they’re all the better for it.”

10. Nosebleed – Scratching Circles on the Dancefloor (TNSrecords)

“For me, it’s definitely a contender for garage rock album of 2018.”


TOP 10 SINGLES & EP’s OF 2018

1. Motherfuckin’ Motherfuckers – MFFFMF (Lux Noise / Ghost Highway Recordings / Savage Magic Records)

“Seven slices of unsterilised, speed fuelled garage rock ‘n’ roll that barely bother the two minute mark.”

2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Distant Sky: Live in Copenhagen (Bad Seeds Ltd)

“Performances of that triumphant tour have been captured perfectly on this neat four track offering.”

3. The Hip Priests – No Time (Like Right Now) (Cracking Stuff Records)

“This is the sound of the MC5 bypassing 11 and turning things up to 12.”

4. Criminal Kids – S/T (Spaghetty Town Records / Gods Candy Records)

“This 6 track EP is a tour de spit soaked force.”

5. Randy Savages – Intercontinental / Guilty of Nuthin’ (Wrecked ‘Em Wreckords)

“Randy Savages jump off the top rope and dropkick your already bleeding ears with punked-up garage rock fury from the drawer labelled  ‘New Bomb Turks fuckin’ rule!!!’”

6. The DeRellas – High Rise Supersize (Rockaway Records)

“With a razor blade riff over prolonged power chords, the softer vocal stylings of new boy Joey adds a new dimension.”

7. The Cheap Cassettes – Kiss the Ass of My Heart / Black Leather Angel (Rum Bar Records)

“…straight from the Westerberg/Stinson school of thinking. For all the punkier edges, there’s that passion that spills freely. You just can’t put a price on that shit…”

8. Faz Waltz – Julie / I’m Bleeding (Spaghetty Town Records / Tongue Records / Contra Records)

“Faz Waltz’s riffs are infectious and the melody is insanely catchy.”

9. Scumbag Millionaire – Burn Baby Burn (Suburban Records)

“Scumbag Millionaire have their own rock ‘n’ roll furrow in which to bury their disregarded denim and empty cans of Pistonhead lager… as hypnotic as it is sleazy.”

10. The Hip Priests / “Demons” – Split 7” (Cracking Stuff Records / Savage Magic Records)

“Cheers To Me is the sound of “classic” Hip Priests. Cue nihilism and narcissism with a finger on the self-destruct button.”

“Demons’ Baphomet Briefs is a catchy ‘77 punk infused fizz bomb drenched in power pop.”



1. Mansun – Attack of the Grey Lantern: 21st Century Reissue (Kscope)

“This is not purely a nostalgia trip though, as the first thing that hits with impartial ears is how epic a record this is.”

2. Amyl and the Sniffers – Big Attraction & Giddy Up (Damaged Goods / Homeless)

“…’77 punk with splashes of X-Ray Spex mixed with 1960s garage rock… and some Oz pub rock thrown in for good measure.”

3. Primal Scream – Give Out But Don’t Give Up: The Original Memphis Sessions (Sony)

“Arguably even better than the real thing.”

4. The Chuck Norris Experiment – Hotter Stuff (Ghost Highway Records / Savage Magic Records)

“It’s safe to say that CNE are Sweden’s premier rock overlords in terms of consistency and quality.”

5. The Dirty Truckers – Best of (Rum Bar Records)

“When rock ‘n’ roll is this good, it’s flaming awesome.”

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