GBH – Punk Singles 1981-84 (Westworld)


Collecting together the \”Clay Years\”, this huge collection brings together all the early GBH EP’s onto the one disc. Starting off with the essential mini-album \”Leather, Studs, Bristles and Acne\” from 1981, it\’s almost worth getting this cd for these tracks alone. The recordings sound crystal clear and LOUD and showcase how cutting edge GBH were at the time. Sitting somewhere between Motorhead and Discharge, this is every bit as powerful as the US hardcore releases that were coming out at the time. The disc continues full steam ahead as the band blast through singles such as Sick Boy, Give Me Fire, No Survivors and more. There is a consistency to the sound, with pounding drums and thrashing guitars providing the musical battering ram for Colin\’s hardcore vocal attack. Alongside Discharge, English Dogs and Broken Bones, this is one of the essential cornerstones of the early English hardcore punk sound. Tom Chapman


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