Gama Bomb – Speed Between the Lines (AFM)

The first time I crossed paths with these thrashing reprobates was when they headed out on their debut UK tour, travelling between venues via the National Express network, a feat that takes a special sort of commitment; one that’s usually reserved for the suicidal and intellectually impaired. Their dedication to the art of thrashing was extraordinary, and in a tiny, punk run venue in Bristol they won me over and converted me to their denim clad cause.

Fast forward more than a decade and with a lot more miles on the road under their bullet belts, Gama Bomb have served up their sixth album, Speed Between the Lines. Believing wholeheartedly in the adage that if something isn’t broken, then it doesn’t need to be fixed, this thrash crew have stuck to their patented crossover fuelled Tankard meets Agent Steel thrashtastic formula and delivered a turbo charged mosh happy beast of a record that’ll provide the legions of thrash starved hordes with everything that they need to keep pits everywhere fully fuelled and fired up. Rammed to bursting with mind melting riffs, skull crushing rhythms, in jokes, geek humour and a double thumbs up, King Diamond and Rob Halford endorsed vocal attack, Speed Between the Lines will make you want to thrash, thrash and thrash some more. And if it doesn’t, then you’re already dead…  Tim Cundle

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