Galactic Empire – Episode II (Rise Records)

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Dah dah dah dum da da dum da da… You know what that is? That’s the sound of the Empire crushing any and all resistance, enforcing compliance and slowly throttling individuality and freedom. And you know what Episode II is? It’s the sound of progressive metal being taken to the next level and of the music of the Star Wars franchise being taken apart and reassembled in a mind-blowing display of technical precision that would inspire John Williams to abandon his chosen career path, start head banging furiously and swear allegiance to the Dark Side.  Galactic Empire have pushed the boundaries of what can be achieved both in metal and music and as a result, Episode II sounds fantastic. But at the end of the day, and let’s be honest, Galactic Empire are all about Star Wars and metal, two of life’s greatest pleasures , and they are incredible at what they do. And that is displayed in each and every note and beat on Episode II. Join Galactic Empire and feel the power of the Dark Side…  Tim Cundle

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