Fugazi – First Demo

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Fugazi – First Demo CD / LP (Dischord)
To have been a key player in one of the most influential Hardcore bands of all time is an impressive achievement in itself, to go on and produce some of the most innovative and impressive music of the 90s/00s is surely just rubbing it in but that’s exactly how the principled and visionary Ian MacKaye has played it. With such an impressive back catalogue, some might question the integrity of releasing this demo but to paraphrase Wordsworth ‘…those with an ear to perceive and a heart to enjoy’ will certainly relish the opportunity to hear some of the bands finest moments such as ‘Waiting Room’ and ‘Bad Mouth’ in their earliest incarnations. The sound quality is impeccable and the songs fully realised although there is enough of a difference to make this a fresh listening experience. Essential. Ian Pickens

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