Fucked and Bound – Suffrage LP (Atomic Action Records)

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Imagine if you could fashion unbridled passion, frantic energy and raw fury into a focused, sonic weapon designed to decimate and annihilate anyone and everyone that it was aimed at. If such a thing existed, what would you do with it? How would you use it? While you’re considering the possibilities, I’ll tell you what Atomic Action did when they discovered it. They sent that weapon into a recording studio, handed the resultant tapes to a record pressing plant and are now about to release it to, and on, an unsuspecting world. Fucked and Bound are that chaotic, frenzied, acrimonious Hardcore weapon and having honed their onslaught to razor sharp precision, are about to unleash hell on each and every single one of us. The end is nigh and it shall be delivered by Fucked and Bound. Hallelujah…  Tim Cundle

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