Fuck You Pay Me – Dumbed Down (Tankcrimes)


Well, hot damn… Kids, it’s time to get down with your bad selves, forget all the bullshit that the outside world keeps hurling your way and slam yourselves into oblivion with the full throttle Hardcore assault of Tony Erba’s (ex-Gordon Solie Motherfuckers and 9 Shocks Terror) newest gathering of like-minded maniacs, Fuck You Pay Me. Think Poison Idea and Limp Wist amped up on rock-n-roll powering their way through the early eighties Boston HC scene and you’ll have a pretty good idea of where these folks are coming from and what this furiously addictive, incredible record sounds like. Fuck You Pay Me play the kind of fast, intelligent, powerful Hardcore that originally pulled me into , and still keeps me involved in, the scene.  I don’t know what else to tell you folks. Dumbed Down is fast, it’s catchy and even though it’s only February, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be one of the best records you’ll hear all year. FYPM 3:16 just kicked my ass… Tim Cundle

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