Free Dan Dare audio adventure to download!


This week only! Download a complete full-cast audio adventure, featuring Eagle Comic’s famous “Pilot of the Future”, starring Ed Stoppard, Geoff McGivern, and Heida Reed.  

Over the coming weeks, Big Finish is releasing a selection of giveaways including free and discounted releases, entitled Weekly Freebies. These will be made available to download exclusively from the Big Finish web site’s Weekly Deals page at

These stories can be unlocked by anyone who has registered for a Big Finish account (which is free to create) and played on the Big Finish listening app (which is free to install).  

Each download will be available for one week only, and comes accompanied by a special discount offer on related titles, available as either downloads or collector’s edition CDs or box sets.  

This week’s Weekly Freebie is: 

Dan Dare: Voyage to Venus, written by Richard Kurti and Bev Doyle 

Brilliant test pilot, Dan Dare, is chosen to fly the Anastasia – a new experimental spacecraft – on its maiden voyage to Venus. This isn’t exploration – it is to make first contact with a mysterious civilisation that has sent technological secrets as a goodwill gesture. 

However, what Dan, Digby and Professor Peabody find on Venus isn’t goodwill, but a terrifyingly intelligent, cold-hearted ruler, the Mekon. A creature destined to become Dan Dare’s nemesis – and Earth’s greatest threat… 

Big Finish listeners can also get up to 50% OFF the complete Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures box sets, either as collector\’s edition CD, or as a digital download, while stocks last.  

All offers end at 23:59 on 30 August 2020. 

Praise for Dan Dare – The Audio Adventures:  

“For me, this audio revival of Dan Dare is a triumph. Each of the three episodes have the feel of an audio movie and it is easy to get pulled into their world. 10/10,” – Indie Mac User 

“The cast and crew constantly deliver top grade material and each episode enriches the next…” – Blogtor Who 

“The first series of Dan Dare adaptations was one of the best collections of audio fiction I\’ve heard in a long time. The combination of old school British space heroics and a distinct, post-BSG mindset paid off again and again and set it up as a hopeful, if cautious, vision of the future. Volume 2 is even better. 10/10” – Sci-Fi Bulletin 

“Ed Stoppard’s Dan Dare and Geoff McGivern’s Digby and their fractious relationship that evolves from one of cold distrust to mutual appreciation would have stolen the show if it wasn’t for Raad Rawi’s planet chewing turn as the narcissistic and megalomaniacal Mekon. Because, and much as we’re loathe to admit it, everyone loves a villain and Rawi’s Mekon is the epitome of self-serving, cold, logical evil. Welcome back Colonel Dare…” – MassMovement 

“… a great collection of stories… The cast makes their characters live from the first scenes and the music rounds off a sterling production.” – Starburst 

“Ed Stoppard rocked in what could have been the thankless titular role. He had to play a modern variation of the lantern-jawed hero… Stoppard’s Dare just got on with things. Thank you very much! I can’t wait for the second volume of stories.” – SciFi Pulse 

“I think fans will like the new audio adventures… the characterization of Dan Dare himself, played by Ed Stoppard, is spot on.” – Downthetubes 

Please note: Dan Dare features some mild swearing and content which may not be suitable for younger listeners. 

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