Field Day – Why? 7\” (Unity Worldwide)

One of the musical revelations in the past couple of years for me has been the (re)emergence of the band Field Day. Taking a couple of Dag Nasty members and putting them back into that musical world is sure to be something special and the great news is that Field Day capture that spirit whilst bringing the sound bang up to date. Given where we are right now it is a rare treat to learn that a band has overcome the odds and managed to put together and record new material, in this case a killer new EP.

Kicking off with some blistering guitar work, Why? is full of energy and passion. Field Day really channel their inner Wig Out on here. In fact, Alive is a prime example of what made that album – and by default this new EP – special and different. Firstly, Peter Courtner puts together creative vocal lines – not just following the obvious guitar lines but venturing on his own journey, and it works perfectly. Then the guitars themselves – you will find subtle, melodic passages of guitars rather than it being wall-to-wall powerchords.

This isn\’t used throughout so it remains a rare treat and not something you can simply expect. Audience of One is a back-to-basics pounder with a big Californian/ OC Hardcore vibe to it. A traditional recipe, cooked to perfection. Tom Chapman

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