The Drowns – Know Who You Are 7\” (Pirates Press Records)

You know when people say \”You can’t have your cake and eat it?\” – well The Drowns listened to that voice of reason and said fuck that – we want the best of both worlds! We want to put out a new record that kicks mucho ass, but we also want to pay homage to the glam maestros Slade.

On this new slab of wax they’ve paired a belting cover of the Slade track Know Who You Are with an original glam stomper Guidelines Of Control. This has got all the anthemic style and swagger of Guida but retains The Drowns\’ own sound.

Seeing as the world is on a pretty miserable path at the moment, thank you to The Drowns for giving you the chance to kick back and relax with some killer tunes for six minutes… Tom Chapman

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