Fear Factory – Genexus


Fear Factory – Genexus (Nuclear Blast)
The digitalisation of our planet keeps marching on, and with that the fear of losing our grip on civilisation. Fear Factory has been writing music about it since the end of the 80\’s. It is interesting to see how computers, and especially the internet, has changed how we see the world tremendously. The core of the matter is still the same, we pollute and destroy our world to satisfy our greed, while \’big brother\’ slowly takes over our lives. We\’re all linked in to the internet in some way. Nothing has changed, so why should \’Genexus\’ have a different message? This was never the band for an uplifting message, but always that trustworthy messenger on how NOT to treat to world. Truth be said that over the course of many albums, the pure anger have given way to a slightly sadder tone, disappointment even. Or is that maybe the notion that, if you cannot change the world, you better make the best of it, as all our \’expiry dates\’ are approaching fast. \’Genexus\’ has more soul than any of its predecessors, it feels heavier than \’Mechanize\’ or \’The Industrialist\’. Heavier on the emotions, as the riffs and machine-­like drums hit as hard as ever. Martijn Welzen

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