Eyeteeth – Negative Reinforcement Flexi (Wiggin Out / CrewCuts)

A while ago I had a dream about going to a show to see a band that sounded like a brain-melting, four-way barbed wire deathmatch between Spazz, Voorhees, Dropdead, and Straight Ahead in which I ended up getting smashed to pieces in the pit. It was, as you’ve probably guessed, the best dream that I’ve had in a long, long time.

Eyeteeth sound exactly like the band in my dream did, and this four-track flexi (which you can order as a physical release along with issue four of Wiggin Out here or directly from the band as a download here) will crush your skull and make mincemeat of what’s left of you.

And while they’re new to me, Eyeteeth have been around for a while and have a 7” and a 5” (good luck trying to get physical copies of either, they sold out a while back, but you can still get the cyberspace versions of Straight Edge Violence and State Funeral from the Eyeteeth Bandcamp page) under their collective belt, and they’re both just as sonically devastating as this bruising flexi is. This is what Hardcore should sound like. Rabid, insanely infectious and mad, bad and dangerous to know… Tim Cundle

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