Evo/Algy – Damned Unto Death

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Evo/Algy – Damned Unto Death CD (High Roller Records)
Two filth hounds churn out some typically English tunes for this mini album. It’s filthy, it’s raw, it’s unashamedly Venom/Motorhead worship… it’s metalpunk… and it’s great! This is exactly what you’d expect from Evo (Warfare) and Algy Ward (Tank). Basic lyrics, lots of angst, and a bucket load of solid heavy rhythm – but that’s what this music is all about. I wonder if Simon Cowell will dig ‘Know Your Product’ or if the hipsters will approve of the speedy version of Motorhead’s ‘Ramones’… I guarantee these guys don’t give a fuck either way. With the demise of Motorhead’s quality, bands like this are a real relief. Mark Freebase

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