Everymen – May Your Ashes Have Stories to Tell (Say-10)


The modern world can be an incredibly scary, complicated place to live in with everything from phones to music being over-engineered, over-thought and more technologically advanced than the International Space Station. For an aging punk rocker like me, it’s all rather off putting and more than a little frightening, so when a band like Everymen appear, a tighter than Trump and May’s public services budgets, ferocious, energetic, country, folk and bluegrass punk rock ensemble, everything seems a little brighter, more hopeful and a lot less terrifying .  May Your Ashes is catchier than leprosy in a leper colony and each and every note on it is played with a sense of wild abandon and pure joy that’s so infectious, you’ll be line slam dancing by the end of the first song, Shake Your Bones and won’t want to stop until the sparse chords of closing number Ashes have long since faded into the distance. Yee-fucking-haaa!  Tim Cundle

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