Eternal Struggle – Year Of The Gun (DRA)

Eternal Struggle hail from Israel and I’m pretty sure this is the first heavy hardcore/ metalcore band to have set fire to my ears from the region. Fast pounding metal-hardcore peppered with breakdowns and that bouncing rhythm that makes the likes of Madball and Biohazard so damn catchy. 

It’s the swinging between heads-down thrash and chugging heaviness that names like Knuckledust, Machine Head, Terror or Rykers made universally popular, and Endless Struggle have tapped into that vein with style. They managed to attract the attention of Brian “Mitts” Daniels (Madball/ Skarhead) and Drew Stone (The Abused/ The NYHC Chronicles) who effectively produced and mentored the band to help produce this beast of an album.

The final track Y.O.T.G. is a real curveball – it’s a remixed version of the title track put through the blender by none other than Alex Empire of Atari Teenage Riot fame. I think this is a great example of how bands that are not based in musical nerve-centres have something of an advantage. It means you can look around globally at what is going on musically and can pick up influences from everywhere, as opposed to being impacted by a busy and sometimes stifling local scene. There is a lot to get your teeth into on this album – get hold of some Eternal Struggle and dig deep. Tom Chapman

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