El Chapo – Cold World

If you havent had your bowels loosened by the low end of Bristol three-piece sludge-core outfit EL CHAPO, then it’s time to rectify that with the release of their new single “Cold World” And whilst we are talking low end it’s worth mentioning that the guys have a new guy on the four string in none other than Gav from fellow Bristolians Finisher. Of course when bands say single, it’s actually like double as there are in fact two new tracks to enjoy,with “Cold World” backed by the fantastically monikered “Crackhammer” on the B-Side if you will. But has anything changed with a new bass player on board? The answer is not really and that’s just fine, because as the feedback brings you into “Cold World” the band once again smash Helmet sized grooves into fuzzed out down tuned Eyehategod style riffs, designed to kick your teeth in. The last 30 seconds sees the guys take that sound an channel into almost Biohazard territory bringing the track to a pumelling end. Onto “Crackhammer” which imediate utilises the new guy with a Crowbar style intro that leads into a Fudge Tunnel esque, bass led number that lurches between slow groove and pit anthem with frightening ease. EL CHAPO showed tons of promise on their first release “Breakfast At Riffanys” back in 2020, but they just seem to get better with every release. Dont sleep on these guys any longer….Chris Andrews

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