Eela Craig – One Nighter


Eela Craig – One Nighter CD (Reactive)
\”One Nighter\” is the reissue of a 1976 prog rock album from Austria – not something you get to listen to every day! Right at the height of musical pomp and ceremony, this is a giant overblown monster of an album. The rock instruments are accompanied by flute, mellotron, congas, a choir and of course keyboards all over the place. This is a real fusion record, flowing from Carpenter-esque atmosphere to free-jazz, proto-disco, psychedelia and at the heart of the sound you have progressive, space rock. Pink Floyd guitars, Genesis, Soft Machine, traces of all of the above can be heard on here but somehow sounding different and unique. It\’s not easy listening, as mellower passages slide into jazz disco fusion, leaving you somewhat bewildered at times. The level of musicianship is as high as can be, allowing the band to turn their musical vision into a reality. If any of the above sounds interesting then dig into this and tune out. Tom Chapman

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