Dragonforce – Reaching Into Infinity (earMusic)

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I don’t care who you think you are, if you claim to be a metal-head, have felt the urge to tune up and play an air guitar, have thrown the horns while rocking out to your favourite rifff-tastic, power laden tunes or have pretended to be Bruce Dickinson when you thought no-one was watching, then you already know, just like I do, that you love Dragonforce.  There’s no shame in admitting it, I don’t care, I love Dragonforce. Always have, always will and Reaching into Infinity is Dragonforce at their finest, doing what they do best. Playing huge, sing-a-long metal anthems, the kind that Dio dreamt about writing (and did actually pen on multiple albums), that are packed with crazy time changes, soaring vocals, a drum and bass attack that’s commanded, and  was summoned, from Valhalla and the kind of face melting riffs and brain frying solos that Malmsteen wished, and wishes, he could write.  And it is, quite simply, fantastic… Tim Cundle

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