Distant Sun – Dark Matter


Distant Sun – Dark Matter (Metalism)
I truly feel Russia is finally capable of building a heavy metal legacy of its own which is influenced by, but slightly different from, styles originating in Europe or the States. I also think that this band should search for something you could call the \’New Wave of Russian Heavy Metal\’ as I am sure there\’s a place and a need for it. Getting back to \’Dark Matter\’, you are taken on an adventure through space and time on the back of classic power metal. Testament riffs, heavy Sodom­-like growls, more melodic, close to Hetfield vocals, upbeat touches of Annihilator and Iced Earth and influences of Distant Sun\’s home country, make for one amazingly great album. With a dash of Russian pride I\’m sure they can pave the road with gold. Martijn Welzen

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