Devilin Me – Devilin Me E.P. (Self)

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\"\"Devilin Me are the side project of Jesus Hooligan main man, Stephen Brunton, formerly of Gout and Lager Louts. If you are aware of the Hooligan’s righteous racket, these five songs haven’t fallen too far from the tree. However, rather than repeat himself, the approach is distinctly stripped back, to the bone, here. Minimal instrumentation, home-made percussion and bare but honest vocals.

The title track is like a primal, chain gang song. Vocals, drums, chains; imagine the Alabama Three on a Poundland budget but with a genuine fervour. Ain’t Got Time For This manages to put Chas and Dave on a swearathon into a blender with Burundi drums. It really shouldn’t work, but it does. I think it’s down to the mixture of honesty in the anger coupled with a sense of humour.

Righteous Stick follows a similar pattern, with only vocals and primitive drums, and Linns Song (lit) starts with a John Grant style moan which becomes, essentially, barking noises. So, we’re not in Ken Bruce territory here.

I Smell Me In You is a not so tender love song, though you get the feeling that he means every word. It’s an acapella shanty, of sorts, a one-man Fisherman’s Friend, but not so family friendly. One thing is certain; you won’t hear anything else like this. Bold, bare and honest. Martin Haslam

 Listen to, get down with and purchase Devilin Me here

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