Deep Red – Paul Kane (SST)


If you have read as many Paul Kane books as I have you know that he is incapable of writing anything that is worthy of less than a 4.5 star review. The third tale (second book as Red is included in the novel version of Blood Red) in the Red series, Deep Red, is no exception. Paul has a knack for turning well-knows fairy tales on their heads, creating darker, gorier versions of the original (You also need to check out his post-apocalyptic Robin Hood stories collected in the omnibus The Hooded Man). This is, of course, his rendering of the Little Red Riding Hood tale in which the wolf is more of a shapeshifter than a traditional werewolf. Each part of this story escalates from its predecessor until we have a lycanthrope apocalypse where the survivors have to go to some very extreme to identify and defend themselves from the plague of loup garou that devours humanity. I’m not going to give you any more details but I am going to HIGHLY recommend you buy, and read, Deep Red right now! How can you resist, especially knowing the introduction was written by Barbie Wilde, former cenobite? Come on man, you want this book so spend the money and enrich your life. Jim Dodge

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