DeeCracks – Sonic Delusions (Pirates Press Records)

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Well H, E double hockey sticks, falling in love with a band was the last thing I was expecting to do, or thought was going to happen, today.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to do the whole stalking them on social media thing while declaring undying devotion, it ain’t that kind of love. No sir, this is more of a “Where have this band been all my life and how come I’m just discovering them now” kind of love, the sort that makes you play a record time and time and time again, because you can’t quite believe how damn good it is. And folks, Sonic Delusions is damn good.  If Screeching Weasel had spent their lives working out in a punk rock gym and had been amped up on Ramones approved steroids, they’d  be DeeCracks. This Austrian punker than you, me or anyone else out there collective specialise in full throttle, energetic, straight to the point tunes that are more infectious than syphilis in a cheap bordello and Sonic Delusions is packed full of songs that you’ll be humming to yourself for the next six months. If you miss the hell out of the Brudda’s from Queens, then just like me, you are going to love Sonic Delusions and DeeCracks… Tim Cundle

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