American Nightmare – American Nightmare (Rise Records)

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It’s been a while since American Nightmare was a full time functioning band and until I caught them supporting Youth of Today last year, I’d consigned them to history.  Now they’re back, and American Nightmare is proof positive that neither age nor absence has tempered or dulled this Boston wrecking crew’s vicious, swift musical onslaught.  Dwelling in the darker realms of Hardcore, American Nightmare are like the blood soaked, battle happy cousin of AFI, whose thousand yard stare drags you into a musical landscape forged by experience and exposure to demons unseen and terrors unchecked. Still as hard, driven and powerful as they ever were, maybe even more so as the intervening years have sharpened their collective Hardcore edge, they had something to prove with this comeback album, not just to the scene, but to themselves as well. They needed to prove that they were still American Nightmare. And they have succeeded admirably. Welcome to the Nightmare… Tim Cundle

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