Decline – Own Your Words 7” (New Age Records)

I don’t know what the heck it is*, but there’s something about fast, energetic, sing-a-long Youth Crew style Hardcore that makes me think I’m sixteen years old again and still can backflip, somersault and do all manner of ridiculously high leaps in the air. Which is what I was trying to do the first couple** of times that I played Own Your Words, having forgotten, thanks to Decline, that I’m a forty something bloke with knackered knees, a wrecked left  shoulder and who, having fractured his spine nearly three decades ago, still gets the odd twinge of lower back pain now and again.

That was a couple of hours ago, and while I’m still playing the crap out of, and singing along to, Own Your Words, I’m now chugging back paracetamol and swearing with pain every single time I have to move more than a finger or two and desperately trying not to do the finger pointing thing (which hurts likes hell at the moment) while Decline power through their incredible Gorilla Biscuits meets Battery meets Youth of Today, hyper-velocity Youth Crew HC.  Damn these guys for being so good, damn them to Hell***… Tim Cundle

 *I do really. It’s a combination of energy, insanely catchy songs and choruses. And Decline have all three in abundance.

** More like the first twenty times.

***If you believe in Hell, which I don’t. But anyways, I’m kidding because Decline rule. And there’s no way I want these guys going to any place of fictitious damnation before they deliver at least one album.

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. See you in Europe next winter hopefully

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