Deathtraps – Justice for the Risca One (Self)


Can you hear that? That’s the sound of full throttle, turbocharged, foot to the floor rock’n’roll destruction played with wild abandon and nicotine stained middle fingers flipped at “the man”* attitude. That’s the sound of Deathtraps, the punk’n’roll juggernaut that\’s going to roll over you, your family and everyone you care about, squashing each and every one of you flatter than flat with their New Bomb Turks meet George Thorogood after hanging out Lemmy adrenaline filled sing-a-long anthems. Grab a beer, crank the volume, hit play and do the rock’n’roll thing with Deathtraps, because it’s a guaranteed good time. Are We Having Fun? You bet your arse I am… Tim Cundle

*The dude who ruins everything with endless rules and regulations and tries to make everyone behave. Damn the man.

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