Deathbreaker – Isolate (Facedown Records)

For us hardcore kids, Washington D.C will always hold a special place in our hearts. Second perhaps to only New York, the DC scene has thrown up some legendary bands that continue to inspire today. The latest in that long line is Deathbreaker. This ferocious foursome are about as far removed from Bad Brains as you can be, but like so much in hardcore, the sentiment is still the same, with perhaps a little less PMA.

Now on their second album, the band have really delivered with the very aptly titled Isolate. Deathbreaker have more in common with the likes of Botch and Converge, than their D.C forefathers- ferocious vocals, delivered over discordant down tuned guitars that will loosen bowels worldwide. But whereas so many of the aforementioned band sacrifice rhythm for discordance, Deathbreaker have steered clear of this and the result is perfect mosh pit music The best example of this can be seen in lead track Spit which brings to mind the awesome Will Haven with all of their pomp.

Staccato riffs and harmonics are the order of the day for Choke and its accompanying video. If you are looking for something a bit more old school then please be seated and allow the boys to serve you a slice of Blackout, a track that comes across as a down tuned Youth Of Today, but as previously mentioned, there will no side order of PMA at this table. Isolate plays the album out with the open riffing of Hollow giving vocalist Scott one final chance to vent his spleen.

Deathbreaker bring a lot of different influences to the table and absolutely represent modern Hardcore and rest assured, that’s a good thing. Like all your favourite bands rolled into one heap of jarring brutality, Deathbreaker embrace the past, but are very much the future of our scene... Chris Andrews

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