Dear Furious – S/T 7” (New Age Records / Demons Run Amok)

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Okay kids, it’s time to get your chugga-chugga on and start whipping yourself into a frenzy of near uncontrollable mania while forcing your body to pull off biologically impossible dance moves, because Dear Furious have taken to the HC pulpit to testify, and we the faithful are blessed to receive their message of Hardcore destruction. Heavier on the metal than the core, Dear Furious have transplanted mid-eighties crossover into the body of modern Hardcore and in doing so have created a beast that’s equal parts Sacrilege BC, Catharsis and S.O.I.A. You know what they say, the harder they come, the more devastation they’re destined to wreak. And Dear Furious are about as hard as Hardcore gets…  Tim Cundle

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