Deadpool – Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, Tony Moore, Scott Koblish & Mike Hawthorne (Marvel)


I’ve said it before, and given all the evidence that’s continuing to mount up in the form of books, cosplayers and merchandise; I’ll doubtless say it again. The world now belongs to Deadpool and we’re all Wade’s puppets, players upon the insanely colourful, slightly off-kilter and weird stages that he continues to build. He calls the tune and we laugh at, and with, him while applauding his increasingly bizarre actions and behaviour. Which means that it’s time to play catch up with some of his ribald escapades and tales of daring-do, this time in the form of of Posehn and Duggan’s joint run on his book, which first saw the light of day a couple of years ago and is now making a most welcome reappearance. So, without further ado, here’s Wade…

Beginning with the Dead Presidents saga (and you can read all about it and play catch up here), which made an almighty Wilson sized mess of Washington DC and left a lot of twitching presidential corpses in its wake and following her death in the story’s closing moments (which thanks to the timely intervention and wizarding ways of Michael the Necromancer) left the soul of Wade’s former S.H.I.E.L.D. handler, Agent Emily Preston as a permanent resident of his cerebellum, Deadpool thows caution to the wind and jams it\’s foot down hard on Wade\’s accelerator pedal. Just when he thought the crazy train might be starting to slow down a little, it takes a leaf out of the Little Engine That Could\’s guide to getting things done and picks up steam again, as his previous dealings with the devil catch up with him.  Yeah, that’s right the devil. Well, actually, Vetis is more of a minor league demon, but one who Deadpool previously outwitted when he was hired by the soul-reaping minion of Hell to tempt Tony Stark with one drink too many. Seeking vengeance on Deadpool, and in an attempt to seize the throne from his master Mephisto, Vetis blackmails Wade into multiple murder (something he’s not normally adverse to, but gets a little miffed about when he’s forced into doing it) to save Michael’s soul. That’s right folks, the magical source of all of Wade’s recent woes made a deal with the dark side to gain his power and now it’s left up to the Wilsonator to save him from himself and an eternity in the fiery pits of damnation. Caught up in a demonic power struggle and well aware that the pitch fork crew always twist and manipulate their deals for their own benefit; and with a whole host of heroes and other costumed types trying to stop him, all hell nearly breaks loose as he shoots for a happy ending for all concerned in the only way he knows how. In a wise-cracking, unmitigated orgy of violence, gunfire, violence and yes you guessed it, even more violence.

Deadpool is a non-stop rollercoaster ride of blood, guts, gore and more, that’s littered with interesting and engaging characters, darkly humorous, and often laugh out loud funny, dialogue and all manner of surreal, comical and ludicrous situations. Topped off with a plot that 99.9% of writers would have given their right hand to have authored and panel after panel of dazzling and sublime artwork, you don’t want to read Deadpool, you NEED to read it. Bang on target… Tim Cundle

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