Dead Torches – S/T 12” (Hellminded)

Here’s the new record from New Jersey powerhouse Dead Torches, featuring ex-members of Kill Your Idols and Manalive. This is a bit of a beast in finest Rorschach/ Kiss It Goodbye/ Damnation AD tradition. Discordant chugging guitars give way to blast beats and brutal beatdowns. Sonic interference/ feedback and noise – throughout Indivisible in particular – add a chilling sense of despondency and then when the song Run It opens with the line “I know you’ve been trying but you can’t keep it together” then you know there is no hope left.

That fluctuation between disharmonic heaviness, high-speed passages and heavy breakdowns is the theme throughout the 10 songs on here, with occasional foray into noise territory. At times it feels incredibly chaotic, but at the last moment, the band pull things back from the abyss, offering the briefest respite before the next audio pounding. If any or indeed all of that sounds negative then it sort of is, but in a fantastic way. I can only encourage you to hop on board and take the manic ride. Tom Chapman

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