Dead Now – S/T (Brutal Panda)

Their official bio states about Dead now “…current and former members of Torche, Riddle of Steel, Tilts, and Day Old Man, DEAD NOW are a veritable power-trio who play dynamic, melodic heavy rock that is best enjoyed LOUD!” Well, shit, that says pretty much everything about their style. However, my opinion is that they’re a sludgy stoner metal outfit that steps  outside of the normal boundaries of either genre in order to create a sound that’s unique as well as amazing. These five songs (Brunette, Ritchie Blackmourning, Bird Leaf, Powershapes, and Motorekt) are pretty damn good slabs of uncompromising metal. If you would be interested in hearing what a mix of Crowbar and Sasquatch might sound like you definitely need to get the self-titled debut from Dead Now as soon as it’s released! Jim Dodge

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