Dead Furies – Stay Gold (Dragstrip Riot Records)

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One thing’s for sure, when you think of rock ‘n’ roll, Estonia doesn’t rank highly on the export list. Someone forgot to tell Dead Furies that, though. I don’t know what’s blowing off the Baltic Sea, but on their Stay Gold LP, this Tallinn threesome were bred to kick out the jams in a style to rival their Scandi Rock contemporaries.

Now, I’m a sucker for a one key Stooges piano hit, so album opener Stay Gold, Ponyboy instantly got my double denim more than a little moist. With guitar hooks left, right and centre, this is the sound of T. Rex swapping their spliffs for amphetamines. From the get-go, count me in!

Things aren’t as straight-forward as one may suspect, though. The album is littered with little nuances, some subtle genre diversions from the garage rock formula, and it’s a welcome surprise. One minute there’s acoustic guitars nestled in the mix on Good God Damn, and in the next breath, Holy Nothing is a great big slab of tempestuous punk rock. Across 14 tracks there are groovers, movers, shakers, and in Same Same Difference’s case, 54 second fun-filled blasters.

Album highlight goes to The More Things Change. Complete with some Bobby Keys inspired sax, it ticks all the right rock ‘n’ roll boxes. If this one doesn’t get you moving then you may be dead already. If that isn’t enough, remember the good old days of the playground? Dead Furies do and they seal the award for best chorus on Cowboys and Indians. All your childhood fantasies are played out via the power of garage rock. Excellent stuff.

Stay Gold is a mixed bag of influences that all come together to make an eclectic concoction that soothes the rock ‘n’ roll soul. I for one bet their live shows are a riot. If it were the early naughties then the NME would’ve lumped Dead Furies in with The D4, The Datsuns, The Pattern, The Beatings, et al. Column inches would’ve been easily secured, but in 2019 it’s a different story and the band will have to shout loud from the rooftops as Stay Gold is an album that deserves to be heard by the masses. In short, Dead Furies play both kinds of music – rock and roll. Now do yourself a favour and jump onboard. Ginge Knievil

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