Date From Hell (ASMG / Indie)

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Currently being touted around the world’s film festivals, Date From Hell, is the directorial debut by Runescarred frontman Ven Scott. After 15 years of writing and touring Scott has finally found the time to turn his attention to his other passion; film. Set in his home state of Texas, Scott has essentially created a 12 minute ode to the 1980’s slasher horror scene.

The archetypal young American couple of Bobbie and Susie are enjoying a few drinks, when an argument threatens to ruin the evening for them. As they reconcile they realise that may be the least of their worries, as there is a killer on the loose with murder on his mind. All sounds a bit typical and you may think that you’ve seen this thing a million times before, but trust me you haven’t.

Susie, played by Ava L’Amoreaux, who has plenty of previous in short film, is the stand out character for me and is thoroughly engaging throughout, helping to get the most out of the script. The soundtrack switches from guitar heavy rock as you might expect, to synthesizer led music, which achieves its goal nicely in building suspense and all involved manage to pack a lot into 12 short minutes. I imagine the budget wasn’t huge for this production, but it doesn’t show on screen as the inevitable gore that emerges is surprisingly realistic; not that I have ever seen anybody stabbed in the throat, but I did once skin my knee falling off a bike.

It’s not ground-breaking, but it’s utterly compelling and a great tribute to those 80’s movies us horror fans hold so dear and I would certainly pay good money to see more. What seems like a labour of love for Ven Scott, will hopefully help to propel him into the major leagues so that in the near future we can all enjoy Date From Hell on the big screen... Chris Andrews

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