(Damn) This Desert Air – Nebulosity EP (Engineer Records)

It took me about twenty seconds to fall in love with (Damn) This Desert Air. I’m not talking about the seedy, stalkery, dirty sort of lust that attempts to pass itself off as passion, rather the sort of infatuation that inspires you to want to want to try to be happy, to be the best version of yourself that you can be and by shifting gears in the mystical realms of positivity, change the world.  Yeah, (Damn) This Desert Air really is that good.

Sitting comfortably on the throne of that magical plain of punk rock bliss that exists between Quicksand and Seaweed, (Damn) This Desert Air deserve to ascend to the premiere league of the scene and live there forever. The four tracks on Nebulosity have completely sold me on this oddly named ensemble and I will be singing their praises until my dying breath. All hail your new punk rock gods…  Tim Cundle

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