Tired Radio – Patterns (Engineer Records)

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Sometimes you just to switch the world off, step outside of yourself and take a moment to readjust, revaluate and reassess everything you thought you knew before hitting the reset button and jumping back into the mundane reality of everyday life. Patterns is the sound of that interlude, that moment of untainted bliss in which, if only for the briefest of instants, you’re truly free.

A deeply personal, reflective and moving album, Patterns wears Tired Radio’s heart on its sleeve and carves its desperate longing and loneliness into your soul with its Americana inspired Exacto knife. If the Pixies had been a blue-collar, rock and roll band from Michigan circa 1988, they’d have sounded exactly like Tired Radio. This is the record that you never knew you needed, but have always wanted…  Tim Cundle

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