Dag Nasty and Kevin Seconds…


Here\’s a real piece of hardcore history for you folks – it\’s the letter Brian Baker (Dag Nasty, Minor Threat, Bad Religion etc.) wrote to Kevin Seconds, asking him to join Dag Nasty.

I\’ll let Doug Carrion give you the back story:

\”This is before I was in Dag Nasty.  Remember before I talked about Descendents taking Dag out for 30 shows in the summer? Here’s some more backstory. Dave decides he’s leaving Dag Nasty, Brian reaches out to Bill Stevenson to give him the bad news that the band isn’t gonna make the summer tour.  Bill tells him, “Just find a new guy, come out and do the shows it will be fun“  Brian writes a letter (snail mail) to Kevin Seconds asking him to join Dag Nasty, I think you can find the letter out there on the web.  Kevin Seconds for whatever reason, never responded to the letter, so Brian put out an ad in the local DC paper looking for a singer.  Peter Cortner responded to the ad, auditioned and got the position. That summer Brian showed up with Peter.  Moving forward to Jan 25, 2020, this year… Peter and I are backstage at a Field Day show in Sacramento, CA and Kevin’s new band Gimme an F is playing, Peter tells both Kevin and I the story of the letter. I didn’t know all the details, but Peter in a way was thanking Kevin for not taking the gig.  Peter explained that his Dag Nasty journey was owned in part to Kevin Seconds. That night Peter told the story to the crowd.  If Kevin had taken the gig, there would have never been a ‘Wig Out at Denko’s’. Amazing!!\”

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