No Class – Don’t You Worry About Us! 7” (Contra)

Two years after these Australians dropped their debut album, they’ve finally got their shit together and knocked out four brand new songs. Well guess what, it’s time to raid the booze cabinet once more, as these tunes are smoking hot, spit n sawdust bangers designed to be swilled down with a pint of your preferred poison. Carrying on with the style presented on their previous release, opener “1981” cracks open proceedings with a solid rock’n’roller straight out of that great Aussie riff-book. Moving onto Don’t You Worry About Us, things head more into a rough and ready glam sound, piano bouncing along to the riff.

Think of contemporaries such as Suede Razors or Giuda, but drag that sound kicking and screaming backwards through the mud. Fist-pumping, head-banging fury. Onto Knuckle Dragger and you’ve got a hard as nails punk rocker – this one has spilled drinks and broken glass on the dancefloor written all over it. And finally we’re back into bouncing glam rock territory with Every Now And Then – I’m not talking T-Rex but more along the lines of very early Cock Sparrer – energy and power and a hook-laden chorus. Damn this is a good record – I just wish it was an album as right now this totally hits the spot!  Tom Chapman

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