D.O.A. – Treason (Sudden Death Records)

Some bright, and doubtless long forgotten, spark once said that times of political upheaval and uncertainty ultimately create the most intense and memorable music as it manifests itself as a form of protest and dissent. This is probably why, given the relatively recent and completely insane global resurgence of the far right and its insidious faith in hate and separation, D.O.A. seem to have had a fire lit under their collective backside and has become more prolific in the last couple of years than they were in the preceding decade. 

Treason is the second D.O.A. album in as many years and whatever it was that Joe was smoking or drinking while writing up a storm for this album definitely agrees with him. And it’s not like Joe doesn’t have a wealth of bullshit to flip the bird and spit his vitriol and venom at right now because Gaia knows the world is absolutely drowning in things to fight against. Like he always does, Keithley has risen to meet the challenge head-on and his trademark stuttering, machine gun riffs and pissed off snarl pepper the eight (yeah, Treason is kind of short, but the best things come in small packages) songs that fill every groove of this punk rock call to arms. Treason will cause your limbs to twitch with barely supressed joy, make you think twice about everything you see and hear on the news and social media and encourage you to find a bone fide target to direct your righteous fury at.  Whatever the sentence for committing Treason is, this record is worth every second of it… Tim Cundle

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