Cyanide Pills – Soundtrack To The New Cold War (Damaged Goods)

Seeing as this is the fourth album from Leeds punk phenomenon Cyanide Pills, surely it is time to review them on their own terms, without needing to mention bands like Buzzcocks, Dickies, or even Dillinger Four with a massive portion of powerpop thrown into the mix. Oops.

Powerpop often gets likened to bubblegum, but unlike that wad of gum stuck to the bottom of the desk, the flavour of Cyanide Tunes stays vibrant and never fades away. I mean just wrap your ears around the massive Act Natural and its riff to die for. Full-on hits tune after tune. You can tell they’ve had fun writing and recording these songs – check out the garage/ do-wop tinged It’s Over or the sleazy glam stomping on Lap Dog – stunning.

There’s also a barbed political commentary on That’s Alright With Us and Won’t Be Long – a perfect summary of the shit show we are currently living under. Loud and proud from start to finish – take a pill and slide into punk rock oblivion… Tom Chapman

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