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Ohio-based death cult Crypt Rot has released a disturbing new video for “Pit Of Morbidity,” which hails from the band’s freshly exhumed Embryonic Devils debut.

Formed in 2016 by a crew of veterans including several current/former members of Homewrecker, Crypt Rot enlisted Bill Korecky at the Mars Compound (Integrity, Ringworm, Homewrecker) for the recording of Embryonic Devils.  Crypt Rot summon an ominous atmosphere on this debut release, as they segue between pummelling blackened death metal fury, packed with caustic vocals, drop-tuned aggression, relentless riffs, spine-tingling harmonies, and creepy sounds from the darkest, dankest catacombs.

About their first visual accompaniment to Embryonic Devils, lead vocalist/guitarist Ryan Sposito comments, “The video was filmed in Ashtabula, Ohio, the indoor scenes filmed above the Harbor Perk Coffeehouse, and the outdoor scenes were filmed at bassist Aaron Schwarz’s property. Director Jim Roberts went to school with me and since graduation he has released many B Horror movies. It felt like the perfect opportunity to collaborate. My friend Miles Ackroyd went to George A. Romero’s school for makeup and special effects. Fortunately, I knew a lot of friends who could help make the video; the total budget was $600. I wrote the song lyrically after my brother passed away from brain cancer. So essentially, the plot is me as ‘Father Flesh’ guiding the younger version of myself through the horrors to come as a metaphorical way to express my extreme suffering in loss.


17/05/2017 Now That’s Class – Cleveland, OH w/ Like Rats [info]

18/05/2017 Lucky 13 Saloon – Brooklyn, NY w/ Like Rats [info]

19/05/2017 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA w/ Like Rats [info]

20/05/2017 Dreamland – Buffalo, NY w/ Like Rats

21/05/2017 Ruby Tuesday – Columbus, OH w/ Like Rats [info]

22/05/2017 Subt (downstairs) – Chicago, IL w/ Like Rats [info]

Embryonic Devils is released via Southern Lord in LP and digital formats.

Band photograph by Ed Battes

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