Crown Court – Ruck \’n\’ Roll


Crown Court – Ruck \’n\’ Roll 7\” (Rebellion)
Crown Court are a pretty new English Oi! band that have been making decent waves already in a short amount of time. After Contra records pressed their demo onto vinyl, here is their follow up \”debut\” EP on Rebellion records. The title of the EP makes perfect sense as this is hard as nails trad oi that respects the rock\’n\’roll roots. The first couple of numbers have a Templars style lo-fi recording with harsh vocals, but with a sound rooted in the UK sound of the likes of Cockney Rejects. The last tune on here, \”Away (Gilpin Rock)\” takes the style further back in time, bringing to mind Menace or Slaughter & The Dogs. Crown Court have manages something that not everyone does and that is to capture the essence of those classic bands and produce a modern offering that goes beyond simply rehashing the glory days. Great EP and I look forward to hearing more. Tom Chapman

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