Crashed Out – 20 Years

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Crashed Out – 20 Years MCD (Randale)
Happy Birthday Crashed Out! This record marks twenty years of existence for this North-East punk rock band. Over those years they have finely tuned their unique brand of punk, starting off with streetpunk roots, adding large doses of hard rock, metal and even poppy punk along the way to create a unique Crashed Out sound. These four new songs carry on that tradition but are definitely \”back to the roots\” – straight ahead songs that are very catchy and anthemic, without losing any of their hard edge. There is a powerful sentiment throughout and although this is a celebration to longevity, this is still just as \”here, now and real\” as the band ever was. Although I love some of their live set songs such as \”Cushy Butterfield\” or the \”Jarrow Song\”, I can already imagine a couple of tunes on here such as \”20 Years Strong\” or \”Here To Stay\” becoming live highlights. Here\’s to another 20 years, and as they would say in the north-east, cheeaz! Tom Chapman

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